Dawn is a self-taught quilter/designer/author who made her first quilt in 1971, and has over 25 years of experience as a quiltmaking teacher.

Born in the USA, Dawn has lived Saudi Arabia, Belgium (where she taught patchwork and was a part owner of a shop), and now permanently resides in Portishead, near Britsol.

Dawn was runner-up for UK Teacher of the Year in 1999. She regularly hosts fun, informative classes at locations around the world – including the Festival of Quilts, Houston Quilt Festival & QuiltEuro. According to Dawn, “I strive to help students build confidence and become the very best quilters possible.”

A traditional quilter by nature, Dawn also uses modern products to produce new techniques such as her “signature” technique, Invisible Machine Appliqué. She developed this method in 1987 in response to a challenge from one of her Belgian students to teach them a way to “hand applique on the sewing machine,” using no bonding products! Dawn created Invisible Machine Applique using turned edge applique. It can be done on a machine and produces perfect, hand-done-looking appliqué. Once learned you can invisibly applique any shape, bias stem, curve or even mitre your borders!

Dawn has written 4 books and created over 10 patterns. Her design include everything from ammonites to blue birds. Her book “Pocket Tutor, The essential guide for Patchwork & Quilting”, is an indispensable guide. It advises student on the proper use of threads, needles, sewing machines, and wadding. And it is designed to fit in your pocket so that everyone can have this information easily to hand. You can enjoy a presentation of this must-have book here: https://watch.justhands-on.tv/videos/dawn-cameron-dick-and-her-pocket-tutor

Click here https://watch.justhands-on.tv/videos/meet-dawn-cameron-dick to watch Dawn catch up with Jennie Rayment about her quilts and books.


Signature Technique:

Invisible Machine Appliqué

Dawn’s Top Tips:

• It’s essential to understand how your quilt’s grain works to avoid those wavy edges.
• Stenciling onto your quilt is easy and an excellent alternative to applique work.
• Patchwork should be pressed and not ironed. It makes for a better result and avoids that awful creeping of the edges.
• Use a photocopier to choose the color for your fabrics. It will help you decide between value and colour.
• Invisible Machine Appliqué allows you to create the look of handwork with your sewing machine