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Why Quarter Square Triangles Matter from Dawn Cameron-Dick

Setting Triangles are great but they are not just a half of a half – find out why!


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A useful tip

Quarter square triangles are often used to surround blocks that are set on point (as in this clip) or within smaller blocks – such as the Ohio Star – and you want to avoid having the stretchy bias edge making your quilts all wobbly.

This tip from Dawn is taken from a longer workshop video entitled ‘Snuggle Quilt’ – click to watch.

Aand if you want to learn about the Ohio Star block then this is part of the series Your First Sampler Quilt – which is free to subscribed members.


Since we made this video with Dawn, we have come across a great template that helps with the maths and allows you to cut these triangles from strips of fabric:  check out the video on the EZ Quilting Companion Angle template by clicking here – or just go straight to the shop  (click here) to buy one!

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