Daphne’s passion for knitting had her teaching her own classmates whilst at school, many of whom knit to this day.  At university Daphne helped several friends quit smoking by keeping their hands busy with knitting needles; there is always a good reason to knit in Daphne’s book. A career as a teacher of French, English and Spanish followed during which Daphne taught many of her students to knit also.  “If you can follow a knitting pattern in another language you can make amazing progress in learning that language” is a favourite motto. Daphne particularly loves adding cables in her knitting for the texture and interest they bring.

Click here for watch an interview with Daphne and Valerie where Daphne talks Daphne shows Valerie a few of her favourite works over the last 60 years. Every piece has a tale to tell.

Signature Technique:

Adding cables to create texture

Top Tips:

– Use cables to add texture and interest.
– French Knots are a great way to create black berries in your knitted piece.
– Add lining to help keep your knitted garment’s shape.