Circular Patchwork Table Mat with Valerie Nesbitt

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Circular Patchwork Table Mat with Valerie Nesbitt

This circular mat has been designed by Valerie Nesbitt to be very economical with fabric.


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Valerie has designed this circular mat to be economical with fabric as the colours repeat.

It is simple to construct from strip piecing, but you do need to be able to sew an accurate seam allowance, otherwise the circle will not lie flat. And while the version Valerie has made has the centre filled in, you could leave it open, so that a candle would sit in that space perfectly.

Despite being called a circle, there are slight angles to the outside of this. They help when binding the project, as you can get away without cutting the binding on the bias.

Valerie used a 22.5degree wedge for this pattern, but any wedge that creates a circle will work. You will need to cut the right number of wedges that your gadget suggests to create a circle shape.

There are workshop notes for subscribed viewers.

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