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Master machine quilting with your walking foot

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Master machine quilting with your walking foot

Quilters love the look of textural, detailed stitching that adds to the beauty of the quilt top design.

This stitching is actually the “quilting” in quilting, and many quilters feel that paying a professional for machine quilting is one of their only options.

The walking foot is an accessory for sewing machines that’s often used for machine quilting, but many quilters only use it to stitch around their designs. But the walking foot can do so much more, and author Jacquie Gering shows all of her tips, tricks and techniques to master all of the skills needed to quilt with a walking foot.

This book covers the basics of using the walking foot, in addition to preparing the quilt, marking, managing large quilts, preventing puckers and keeping lines straight.

Chapters include a variety of types of walking-foot quilting, including channel quilting, matchstick quilting, and decorative stitch quilting.

Quilters won’t be limited to straight line quilting, either! They’ll learn how to quilt spirals, simple curves, and and marked curves like braids and clamshells.


About Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering is a prolific speaker and quilt teacher and a recognised leader in the modern quilting movement. For more information, visit www.jacquiegering.com.


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