We start the month off with yet more inspiration from the Hope Quilters’Exhibition ;  this is the final part of our wander round their exhibition with Sylvia Critcher acting as guide and hostess.   We enjoy work that is complicated such as Baltimore just as much as the use of simple panels that we can all be tempted into purchasing when at a show!  Sylvia’s group also have a wide variety of talents making small items – just you see.

We have reloaded from the archives the film with Jennie on 54/40 or Fight as there is a quilt in the exhibition made with this designand we thought you might enjoy the chance of making your own.

Also to enjoy on the first Friday of the month is a workshop from Lynette Harris – The Stitch Witch – in which she shows us how to create our own celtic design from a simple doodle;   simple iron-on bias (in some wonderful colours) completes the picture.

Coming up,  Valerie shares with you how to make some very attractive bunting using those 9-patch panels – which again we are often tempted into purchasing.

The final block of the Your First Sampler Quilt – block 9 – which is the log cabin block will be aired this month as well as how to complete your sashing and borders.

Also coming up there is a workshop on how to construct the Grandmother’s Fan block ; this is a traditional favourite and combines piecing and appliqué but there is a modern twist  which Valerie shares with you.

There is some very important information from Dawn Cameron-Dick on why we cut quarter-square triangles and why they are so important to avoid adding a stretch element to our quilt and/or project and Valerie shows you how to make the most of your wadding – you can join it!!

Last but by no means least we have the first part of the Superstar Medallion Quilt designed by Jennie Rayment;  this is the Blazing Star centre and due on Friday 15th February.  A kit is available in the shop and is at a discounted price to our viewers.