I am trying to do an applique flower it has abour 4 layers, including the back ground fabric, would it be better to applique 2 layers first, then do 2 on there own, and then attach it to the first 2 layers? as when i do the 4 altogether l am finding it hard to get the needle to go through all 4 layers.i am hand stitching the design.thank-you this is my first attempt at this so am very green on the best way to do this.

Thank-you for any advice Sandra


Answer from Valerie:

The easiest way to do this layered flower is to put the first piece down – i.e. the largest, and sew all the way round; turn the work over and trim away the excess background fabric  from beneath the flower leaving approx 1/4″

(if you watch the tip for the grandmother’s fan you will see what I mean;)

then add the second, smaller flower, turn the work over and again trim away the excess fabric;   and you then repeat for each of the layers – that way you keep the fabric from being very bulky and when you are quilting you only have the one layer of fabic each time.