Hi everybody really a good website will watch this space more often


Sent from my iPad (Oct 2013)


Just to say that I think Carolyn Forster is a very good demonstrator.  She speaks clearly and without a dull monotonous voice which some of your speakers unfortunately have! Her projects are also fairly easy to follow.
Secondly, I really enjoyed Kaffe`s exhibition of his quilts in Wales.  It was very interesting listening to Jen Jones talk about his work.  Pity it is so far away to visit!
Sue  (Oct 2013)
What a great web site to have two experienced tutors on tap any hour of the day or night.!! I really look forward to the weekly updates. Keep up the good work girls.!!!
Sue …… Devon (Sept 2013)

Congratulations on the Splendid. new design, layout and content of the new newsletter.
It is easy to follow through all links.  A huge improvement.
Annie – Colchester
I have just spent last weekend accessing all your videos for free and was so impressed that I have signed up for a full subscription.  I have been watching the free videos for a while but am looking forward now to watching all you information.  Such clear instructions and tutorials.  Thank you for a brilliant site