Is Quilting art?

This question is linked with a bigger issue about whether Quilting is considered less important because it is done by women.

I am incredibly proud of the video that we have just published, where you’ll hear different views from our experts on what makes a quilt, art. How Quilting is, now, held up as art in places such as the RA Summer Exhibition. And, you’ll be introduced to the difficulties and inequities in pricing quilts…picking up on why male artists are paid 10 times more for their art than female artists.

I am also impressed with how brave Jenny Haynes, Linda Seward, and Lucy Engels are for talking about this topic. Before we started this project, I did not understand how simply talking about these issues can be problematic for textile artists. They can be labelled as difficult or trouble makers. That stigma must go. As Jenny Haynes says in this video, “We need to talk about it.”

Click here to watch the video.

I’d love to know what you think?

Steve Barton