I was a lucky girl to receive promo 10 inch squares of these two fabric ranges from Makower Fabrics;  while the size of the squares were the same the number of them varied betyween the two designs,  but I was still able to produce two delightful little quilts (for my Momentum charity) with a quick and easy slash quilt idea. –

4_counting-sheep - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Merryn is an ancient Cornish name for girls meaning ‘born of the sea’.   This collection was designed by Diane Rooney and it is her first collection for Makower UK and was inspired by her love of the sea and the folklore of mermaids.

The quilts are really are quick to make and  we have a workhop that you can enjoy if you click here

Both these fabric ranges should be in your local quilt shop or available from them on-line, and there are other free designs from Makower Fabrics that you can download from their website linked to these ranges.