Having watched the video: (click here to view)

How many ties were used to make the quilt in the video, recycling men’s ties?  I would like to make a quilt the same size as the one in the video.
Would you recommend this project to a beginning quilter?
Answer from Valerie
Sorry I can’t recall how many ties I used BUT each tie contains a huge amount of fabric once its unravelled and if you cut into uneven strips then you can use it all (I still have a stash of large scraps for another quilt);

Its a great quilt for beginners BUT remember that the ties are on the bias of the grain so the strips will move until you anchor them onto their calico (or similar) backing – if you are a complete beginner spray starch may help you during the sewing process.

Its extremely forgiving especially since you can trim the blocks back to be exactly the same size as each other – whether you use the complete block of ties or couple it with a plain piece of fabric to make the half-square triangle unit – which in turn means you need to make only half the number of original blocks.