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What’s this bit of my walking foot for?

Question: I have an attchment for my janome machine which enables me to do measured straight lines.  I haven't used it for years, and so have forgotten how ! ! It consists of a metal bar about 3 inches long with a right angle prong at the end of it, and 12 years ago it was fantastic for quick quilting diamonds or squares.   Have you any ideas please of how I used it?

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How to Use a walking foot

Val:  Wendy Gardiner, editor of Sewing World, talks us through how to fit and use this very usefull sewing foot.   In fact if she had to purchase just one additional foot for her machine this would be it - and I agree;  it makes a HUGE difference to the quality of work whenever you have wadding in and now with the opentoed versions available you can combine it with your decorative stitches and threads too.

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