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Biscornu cushion

Inspired by the pincushion video from Carolyn Forster here is one that Joy made: I just had to share the biscornu pillow I made following the video that was made for the pincushion. I just enlarged it and again made it match the quilt and other pillow I made.  This is the result and I am really please with the way  it turned out.  I just love your video's, they are so helpful for decorating my house and for making quilts. Sincerely Grateful, Joy C Click here to enjoy the video:

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Folded Star Cushion

Valerie originally showed this pattern as a folded potholder workshop but Joy turned it into a delightful cushion that co-ordinates beautifully with her quilt.     I finally finished the pillow that I wanted to make to match the quilt I had done last year.  I ended up putting the design on like an applique after i got it done because my pillow is square not round or hexagon.

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Faded Flag cushion

Val;  So pleased that so many of you have enjoyed the Faded Flag Cushion workshop video with Anne - it does work so very well with all sorts of colours - and here we have the latest version from Lyn Butler (for her friend in Cornwall)

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Old Rag Rugs:

Some tips from Jean Stewart who just loves this sort of work: The doormat she is holding has been in use for over 20 years and was made when she first arrived in the Highlands with tartan offcuts from Lochcarron Weavers. Below is a fleece rug that is still a work-in-progress; Jean finds that if she makes a diagonal cut the fabric pulls through more easily and if she raises a crease then she is able to do a row quicker;  but remember to pull it flat before raising the next one!

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Inspired by

I thought you might like to see the Scottie Dog Handbag I made for my niece using the pattern from Mandy Shaw.  I also used the very small Scottie dog to decorate a head band. The final set of photos are of the Christmas banner I made after being inspired by Mandy Shaw's Christmas decorations. Regards Sandra Parker

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