Worms Children Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

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Worms Children Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

This bright fun quilt is made up of simple shapes and perfect for beginners.


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This is a fun bright quilt that children will love to snuggle under. You can make it as big as you like just by making more units.

The quilt here is approx 46″ x 52″. There are 6 worms, each made with a different colour fabric.

The simple component parts are great for beginner sewers as well as those with some sewing skills; we have simple rectangles sewn together, stitch and flip to create the head. The use of the Thangles method to make the half-square triangles is again perfect for beginners.

Workshop notes are also available for those who are subscribed members.

If you are interested to learn more about the quilt that is hanging in the background it’s called Postcard so just click here.

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