Mystery Quilt with Sylvia Critcher – Part 2

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Mystery Quilt with Sylvia Critcher – Part 2

Having made the blocks in part 1, you get to make the sashing for them this week.


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In this section Sylvia talks you through what to cut, what to sew and how to make the sashing for the blocks, plus getting the cornerstones ready.

She does suggest that you watch the whole thing through before embarking on any cutting, and this might also help you with your colour selection.

Sylvia has some great tips on design and on seam pressing – sometimes open, and sometimes closed!

You are asked to get the sashing ready – audition it to the blocks to make sure that you are happy with the colours/fabrics you have selected and if you can maybe take a photo on your phone as this might be a helpful reference later but DO NOT at this stage sew anything into place – that somes next! – just get ready!!!!

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