Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles Exhibition – Worn Threads

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Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles Exhibition – Worn Threads

We filmed this exhibition while it was at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show 2016.

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This has become a touring exhibition entitled ‘Worn Threads’ and we thank Marion Robertson for being our hostess and showing us around the exhibition.

We start off with Marion’s own piece which was/is inspired by the handbag she used back in the 1960s when she attended a wedding (and there are pictures to prove it).

Sandy Snowdon (the chair of the group) was inspired when she was travelling to wonder how do people who sew waterproof garments keep the seams watertight – an interesting piece developed.

Kate Findlay had a piece on display, very disco inspired, in which she has added LED lighting.

Another piece was inspired by the ration books and wartime stuff, including making a coat from a wool blanket, and another Mum (Ruth) never did get round to altering her son’s military trousers – too late now!

Also worth a mention is the dress from Annie called 10,000 apples and wait for the killer shoes from Kate Crossley.

To see more of Kate Findlays work click here.

To meet Kate Crossley click here.

More information about Contemporary Quilt group can be found on their website.

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