Textured Waistcoat with Jennie Rayment

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Textured Waistcoat with Jennie Rayment

Jennie shows how you can take a simple waistcoat pattern and customize it by adding texture.


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In this workshop Jennie shows you have to use the standard pattern and customize it. There are examples which include folded tucks, trumpets and woven strips, multiple origami twist and bias strips and shows you how you can make the waistcoat from simple cream calico, but also how lovely it looks in denim.

This is a very comprehensive workshop from Jennie where she takes you through all the steps to create your own version using Bias strips, trumpets with pokey bits and folded tucks.

Using the pre-purchased pattern you get advice on wadding and interfacing, how to convert the pattern for your own use and tips on allowing for quilting, plus a timely reminder that you need a mirror-image for the two fronts!

Note: if waistcoats aren’t your thing, Jennie explains very clearly how to work the Bias texture insert and the trumpets with pokey bits, so these could be used on their own to create projects such as cushions throughout the house.

There is also a very comprehensive workshop on tucks, where Jennie also shows you how to add cord and gives you guidance on satin stitching the edges, click here to enjoy.

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