TASTER: Water Water Exhibition – Part 2

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TASTER: Water Water Exhibition – Part 2

More wandering round this exhibition from the Contemporary Quilt Group with Kate Findlay.

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Kate Findlay, a textile artist in her own right, guides us round this exhibition held in Henley on Thames, England. There is a wide variety of textile art on display, but all with the theme of ‘Water Water’.

You can enjoy a large number of works from members of the Contemporary Quilt Guild in which is always a clever use of colour textures and fabrics.

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You can learn more about our hostess Kate Findlay, whose textile inspiration to make stunning quilts, has recently been from the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, just click here.

About Contemporary Quilt Group

The group was set up by Annette Morgan, who handed the job over to Effie Galletly in August 2002 for the following two years. Effie, along with Judy Stephens as our first newsletter editor, and Margaret Ramsay, helped shape the beginning of what is now such a successful part of the Guild. As well as our informative and challenging quarterly newsletter we have a yahoo group where we can exchange news and views.

More information about Contemporary Quilt can be found on their website: www.contemporaryquilt.org.uk.

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