TASTER: Scrap Crumb Squares with Anita Birtles

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TASTER: Scrap Crumb Squares with Anita Birtles

Valerie talks to Anita Birtles about how she uses scraps and crumbs to make 10 inch blocks.


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Ever wondered what to do with all those fabric crumbs? Anita Birtles shows how to make a 10 inch block from all your off cuts.

She talks through the process of sorting, sewing and using 10 inch crumb squares. An ideal thing to do when you just want to sew but don”t have a specific project.

Demonstrating the tips and methods for building the blocks. This comprehensive workshop will soon have you raiding your scraps to make these blocks.

Workshop notes are available for subscribed members.

Check out Anita’s other scrap tips using till roll edging.

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