TASTER: Confetti Applique Workshop with Linda Seward

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TASTER: Confetti Applique Workshop with Linda Seward

This is a delightful, quick workshop that is easy to do even if you can’t draw!


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Well this little tree was made by Linda in real time to camera, so you will see just how quick it is and how delightful too. We are sure you will be inspired to make trees for all seasons as they are really fun to make.

Linda shows you how to create the confetti from scraps of fabric, but you might have a jar full of just the right bits too. She uses Inktense pencils for drawing and shows you just how the colour is changed by adding some aloe vera gel.

Linda also uses glue granules, a silicone sheet to keep everything safe and in place, and gives you tips on using printers foils too.

You do need to watch the workshop to be able to answer these two questions:

“Why does Linda squeal?”

“What does Linda use her wooden turtle for?”

This is just one of many techniques that she explains brilliantly in her latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting, which you can find in our website by clicking here.

If you would like to learn more about Linda in her interview click here.

Information about the pressing sheet you can find here.

We have an applique pressing sheet that might do the same job and you can find it on our website too.

You can also obtain information on  bonding powder from Art Van Go who supply all things wonderful for the textile artist!


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