TASTER: Coded:Decoded an Exhibition by Prism Part 2

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TASTER: Coded:Decoded an Exhibition by Prism Part 2

An exhibition of textile inspired art and a talented group with members from across the globe.

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Coded:Decoded: Unravelling the message

This title was selected by the Prism members to reflect the many ways in which textile practice secretes coded and hidden meanings and concepts.

This group of textile artists likes to challenge the more traditional perception of needlework, textiles and art.

In this section we get to meet:

Helen O’Leary – who was inspired by the way that the meaning of words has changed over time and also created a barcode to take us through to buy some roses.

Lindsay Taylor – whose piece of work was inspired by the Clematis – both wild and modern and blousey.

Gina Ferrari – her inspiration lies in stories and communication so we get to see faces.


We get to enjoy the language of flowers from Wendy Greene and Julianne Long.

Jennifer Hollingdale talks us through her Alice through the Looking Glass pieces and Amanda Hislop is inspired by landscapes.

Winy Smit-Suijk has a piece of work full of texture and stitching which reflects her sence of  ‘joie de vivre’.

Jackie Langfeld enjoys working with unusual and challenging material. In this section she talks us through the mitochondrial DNA code that inspired the group of textile exhibits and inparticular her own with the sewing theme.

If you missed  part 1 – click here.

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