TASTER: Cable Quilting with Carolyn Forster

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TASTER: Cable Quilting with Carolyn Forster

This is a very comprehensive workshop from Carolyn, she shows you how to design your own cables.


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We start off by enjoying some antique and more modern quilts, in which Carolyn shows various styles of cable quilting, and then Carolyn goes on to show how create these lovely designs quickly and easily.

She reminds us not to be afraid of the corners – there are ways round them and a very easy way of dividing up the space that needs to be filled, remember paper folding? Then several lovely tips on how to redesign your border.

You will hear that Carolyn likes to ‘mark’ her quilt with a hera marker, which creates an indent and is often used on darker fabrics, but depending on your lighting can work just as well with light fabrics, you can find more information about it on our website.

In this workshop Carolyn doesn’t go into the actual stitching of these cables, but if you have enjoyed this and would like to learn more – use the quick link – Carolyn Forster.


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