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Snails Trail Inspiration with Jennie Rayment

Jennie shows us some design options for this traditional block.


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Jennie has used the Snails Trail block in her sew-a-row style quilt Stripy Stripey Story Quilt but it is a traditional block in it’s own right, with lots of different design options.   Here Jennie shows you a few; but if you would like to know how to make the block then you can see this in more detail in Row 8 of her quilt – click here to enjoy.

You will find that Jennie uses the E-Z angle templates which helps her cut the pieces quickly with the rotary cutter and then help with the accurate piecing – particularly when you take account of the different way the grain of the fabric behaves in the different triangles – you can again learn more if you watch Row 8 of her quilt.

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