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Sling Bag with Jennie Rayment

This can be done on the serger or overlocker and maybe this one is big enough for Jennie to hide in!


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Jennie guides us through how to make this very lightweight and easy sling bag with her overlocker, or serger as it’s often called. You can also do this workshop just as easily with a regular sewing machine. Jennie shows you how this can be done, with some slight adjustments, at the end of the workshop.

You can make this bag in lots of different sizes. As you don’t have to co-ordinate the lining, it’s a great scrap bag too.

Jennie also talks about her sudoko tablecloth idea, again made with the serger or overlocker. She also discusses her crazy log cabin quilt, which is also a workshop here on the site.

If you are interested in any of these other ideas with the serger, just use the quick search Serger or click here.


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