Rotary Cutting Strips, Squares and Rectangles

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Rotary Cutting Strips, Squares and Rectangles

Valerie shows how to rotary cut strips, squares and rectangles; quickly, easily and accurately.

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Rotary cutting patchwork

The rotary cutter was designed to quickly and accurately cut through multi-layers of fabric. It allows you to get to the fun part of sewing your project, whether by hand or machine.  The various rotary cutter styles do the same job, but the different blade sizes equate to the number of layers they will cope with.

Do not economize on the blades, though. A blunt knife is potentially dangerous, and while you might struggle to cut the fabric, it can still rip through your skin like a thin papercut.

Basic Patchwork Skill

Rotary cutting problems are solved with this easy guide to cutting strips, squares, and rectangles. The rotary cutter is a brilliant piece of equipment but needs to be treated with respect( it is very sharp). Once mastered, your details are cut quickly and accurately, which means you can move on to the sewing – which is the fun part.

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