Origami Hexagon with Jennie

Origami Hexagon with Jennie

Twisted Origami hexagons ideal for quilts, bags and wallhangings.

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Come twiddle and fiddle with Jennie! It’s a hexagonal happening!

Jennie Rayment

The World’s only Twiddler, Fiddler, Nipper, Tucker, Manipulator and Manoeuvrer of material!

She mainly works with simple calico (muslin). Noticeably, her elegant ideas and natty notions may be adapted for any type of fabric. Besides, you can use her techniques to make different kinds of decorations! Quilts, wallhangings, boxes, baskets, cushions, table linen and of course fashion garments and accessories.

Jennie also works and teaches on a variety of sewing machines. However, her delectable creations can be made by hand.

She has published six books on fabric manipulation techniques. They are all still in print.

Thus, Jennie’s material magic goes on and on.

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