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We start our new year off with a visit the studios of Anne Baxter in Devon.We learn more about the workshops that she is sharing with us, why she turned to hand quilting. In addition to telling Valerie about the Navajo Blanket quilt workshops in January, I spoke to her about the beautiful Navajo Blanket quilt. Also the irrepressible Jennie Rayment shows us how to create a simple, little embroidered flower. She says anyone can make by ‘sewing on air’.

Then a week later, we get, not one, but four free to view videos from our resident expert Rosee Woodland. It cover double and treble crochet techniques as well as how to fasten on and off.

Valerie brings us a brand-new workshop creating a stunning quilt inspired by the designs of Jane Sassaman. This deceptively simple design has blocks set on point. Uses remarkably little fabric but with extraordinary results.

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