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We get some expert insight into American patchwork piecing when professional quilter, Paula Doyle invites Valerie Nesbitt into her studio for a chat about this fascinating hand sewing technique. Also, we take a look at her Hummingbird quilt, which is her current work in progress, the pattern for which she is sharing with us.

Also, Valerie guides you through making the Dresden Plate and chain blocks in this brand new workshop featuring Makower’s Katie Jane range of fabrics. You will be able to make this stunning quilt which was designed and made for Makower by Lynn Goldsworthy. The pattern is a free download.

Then a week later, we reach part 2 of Anne Baxter’s exciting Navajo Blanket quilt project. In this part she explains how to create the chevron bands. That flank the thunder and lightning central panel covered in part one. And Jennie Rayment brings us a very useful piece of advice on using the acrylic quarter square triangle templates. Why they are not interchangeable and why it’s vital, therefore, to make sure you are using the correct quarter square template for the project you’re working on.

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