Navajo Blanket Quilt – Chevron Bands with Anne Baxter

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Navajo Blanket Quilt – Chevron Bands with Anne Baxter


This is section 2 of Anne’s blanket project, and these bands border the central medallion.


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To made these bands you need to use strips of each of the coloured fabrics, which are then strip pieced. Cut on the 45 degree angle with mirror images.

Anne helps you with the 45 degree angle. In addition, she has a great tip about remembering to check that angle every few cuts, just to keep it accurate. It allows slither trimming, and later on you need to know about the sticking out ears too!

She reminds you of the sewing sequence and how to avoid a rainbow piece of fabric. Also, you can see a short workshop from Valerie on this by clicking here.

In order to complete these two bands, you need to have your KEY measurement,so the central medallion also needs to have been completed to provide you with this.

TIP: of course making chevron bands would be useful for use in other quilts to great effect perhaps as borders.

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