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Modern Laptop Cover with Helen Howes

In this delightful workshop Helen shows us how to create a very useful cover for the laptop.


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Helen loves to create simple modern looking blocks and in this workshop has used another of her favourite things – Oakshott fabrics. She takes you through the simple steps of creating the pieced blocks. Then adding some plain blocks and then uses integrated quilting to create her laptop cover.

She finished the projec with simple binding and a velcro fastening. Also, Helen suggests not using a magnet as these are not always compatible with the contents of your cover.

We have turned  the workshop notes into a simple downloadable pdf for our subscribed members, but if you click here, you will be taken to Helen’s original notes which are free to download.

If you like the idea of Oakshott fabrics, you can find details of the Lupin set by clicking here.

And the Aruba set (which is rainbow coloured) again by clicking here.


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