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Meet Dee Paramour -Textile demonstrator

Dee talks about the Decolourant range of products which she shows us how to use in a wide variety of ways and workshops.

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Using deColourant

Dee demonstrates how to use the deColourant product together with deColourant Plus.

deColourant is a discharge medium which takes the colour away from natural fibre fabrics and paper, rather like bleach would, but without harming the fabric and is completely non-toxic.

deColourant Plus has pigment added to it; it comes in 60 brilliant colours in 7 colour families.

Use deColourant Plus the same way as deColourant.

The products can be used on card and paper as well as fabrics that are made of natural fibres – i.e. silk and cotton

Create your own fabrics

You can create your own fabrics from plain and some suggestions are block printing,  stencils, rubber stamps and household items (such as bubble wrap and kitchen foil) and Dee shows us a wide range of items she has made to fuel your creative imagination.

For all you cardmakers out there here is another great use of your rubber stamps.   We have several workshops with Dee which you can enjoy –starting with using simple household items.

Customise your clothes

You can also be creative and customize clothing and it is especially good for children to use as it is completely safe.

You can purchase some of the items from the shop too.

For a full range of the products visit

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