Making Wet Felt with Gillian Harris

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Making Wet Felt with Gillian Harris

Gillian is the queen of felting and is the author of several definitive books on the subject.

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Gillian Harris is the queen of felting, and in this workshop she shows how easy it is to make some wet felt, which can be used in projects of your choice, we will go on to use the green to make holly leaves in another workshop.

The art of making wet felt is a little patience. You need to pay attention to how the wool is teased out in the first place. In this workshop Gillian uses a few shades of green to give interest and suggests you might like to think about adding glitzy thread bits too, particularly as we are talking Christmas.

If you are new to felting, you can find starter kit in our website, which includes Gillian’s book, Felting Fabulous Flowers, which is full of helpful tips and techniques too.

If you would like to learn about other felting kits, we had a great chat with Gillian about them, you can enjoy this by clicking here.


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