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Make Boro Fabric with Paula Doyle

Paula Doyle describes a machine boro method for recycling blue jean scraps.


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Paula is on a mission to utilise left over scraps from her blue jeans ravioli quilts.

She discusses the simple process of using Bondaweb and a foundation cloth to produce a heavy weight fabric. This enables you to secure the scraps of blue jeans before sewing.

The triple stitch on your machine is then used to secure the scraps. This boro effect is achieved with a regular machine thread and plenty of stitching.

Paula shows how this fabric can then be used to make cushions, combining with other clothing scraps to complete the look.

You can also watch Jayne Brogan and Valerie Nesbitt explain how to use the triple straight stitch, a stitch found on most computerised machines, to make your stitching stand out on your work at the touch of a LED screen in a video from our #IDidntLikeToAsk Video series. Click here to watch it.


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