Magna Carta Quilt 2015

Magna Carta Quilt 2015

An introduction to the vision of the quilt being made by the Magna Carta Quilt Association.

Skill Level


These quilts will be 40ft long x 7ft high in total, and double sided. There will be 4 Medieval and 4 Contemporary Quilts, and you can learn about the inspiration and some of the how-we-did- it from Paula Doyle, Alison Garner and the other ladies of the Magna Carta Quilt Association.

You can learn about the encaustic tiles each of which represents a letter of the alphabet and which will surround the quilt, and which will have a message from the 39th Clause of Magna Carta which deals with human rights.

Their Facebook page is under Magna Carta Quilt Association and their  Twitter thingy is @MagnaCartaQuilt

If you are interested in learning about their sponsorship:

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