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Machine Tying Your Quilt with Paula Doyle

This is a great way to hold all those layers together without doing any quilting.


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Tying quilts rather than quilting them is very traditional and might seem easy but like everything care is needed. Paula has taken the hand tying idea and translated it into a modern machine technique. She uses some of the wonderful variegated threads we are now blessed with.

Paula uses a standard satin stitch which makes this technique possible for everyone. But, if you have one of the newer machines, you should try using some of the other stitches that are available. This is particularly good if you are able to programme just a single motif. You can try using a heart or a flower to start with. They would look particularly good in the centre of squares, such as log cabin or courthouse steps.

And you could try some metallic threads to give extra bling!

Many of the new computerized machines have the facility to do a single decorative stitch. This could be considered as an alternative to the square.

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