London Soldier with Sallieann Harrison

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London Soldier with Sallieann Harrison

Here Sallieann uses cotton perle thread on her sewing machine to produce this ‘hand stitched’ look.

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Wool applique by machine means you are able to get more projects finished than if you would working by hand, but the effect is the same.

Sallieann shows stages of creating this project. She starts with the tracing off the pattern through setting up the machine and the stitch length. Also, she reminds us that the tension needs to be adjusted. And we get to see how well she is able to pivot round the corners, using the open toed applique foot so that she has great visability.

The pattern is available to purchase as a download – click here

In addition, to know how to get your machine to behave using cotton perle 12 thread – click here.

Here are patterns by Paula Doyle for Penny Ruggs and by Flower Applique by  Kate Percival.

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