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Layering Your Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

A guide to putting the three layers together to form the quilt sandwich, prior to quilting.


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Turn your Patchwork top into a Quilt

Basic patchwork skill

Guidance on how to turn your patchwork top into a quilt sandwich, ready for quilting, together with some suggestions of products that you can try. You need the 3 layers to be flat – and you can see how to achieve that.


The microtask gun and tacks are available on the shopping pages but since making the video the Basting Grate has been discontinued.

Some of Valerie’s students have found that a cheap cutlery tray turned upside down works well. As well as others at Midsommer Quilting use badminton rackets and maybe tennis rackets would work just as well.

An alternative to the gun is to use some quilters basting safety pins – these often come curved and they have a protective coating on them to prevent rusting – in case you need to keep the project a while before you get round to quilting it! These are the same as those used by Carolyn Forster and people who hand quilt. These are also better than regular pins, as the latter has a nasty habit of fighting back!

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