Inner Landscape

Inner Landscape

A collaborative art project.

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A Collaborative Art Project

49 women created this beautiful quilt! Remarkably, most of the women had very little experience as quilters. Bettina Reeves and Lisa Hellier are beautiful textile artists. Thus, they supervised the creation of this quilt.

Remarkably, it was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Arts Alive.

About Arts Alive

Arts Alive is an independent arts charity working with people of all ages and skills. The organisation employs professional artists, crafts people, performers. As well as writers and musicians. So, wide range of skills and experience in community education is required. As well as in health work.

Such scheme works with both indoor and outdoor projects. Moreover, with all ages and abilities on these collaborative arts projects.

This silk quilt measuring 8ft square, depicts 49 inner landscapes. Each one is designed and hand-stitched by a different participant.

To find out more you can contact them via email:

Arts Alive
Old School
Brecon Road
Crickhowell NP8 1DG

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