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Hopscotch with Anne Baxter

Another lovely country style quilt from Anne that uses 12 fat quarters to great effect.


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Anne shows us a couple of quilts she has made with this lovely design. One has a real country feel and the other uses shirting fabrics, for which she spent some considerable time cutting the pieces separately and then added sashing, so a couple of really great alternatives.

Anne guides you through the cutting, which is done through a pile of 6 fabrics using the rotary cutter to its best advantage. And then takes you on to the sewing, the pieces are very simple, so the sewing is simple too, and try not to overthink the colour selection, just pick up a piece and sew!

Anne also has a great tip about drawing out the diagram with a chaco liner, so that you know you are going to get all the pieces out, just on the top fabric of the pile though.

It is assumed that you work with 1/4″ seam and Anne shows you how to chain piece these.

If you want a smaller quilt, you could make fewer blocks, and bear in mind that Anne uses some of the pieces to create that lovely patchwork border.

If you particularly like Anne’s use of a flat fillet, we have a short workshop that tells you more about that, just click here to enjoy.

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