Glimpses of Britain by Gail Lawther

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Glimpses of Britain by Gail Lawther

Here we can see an interpretation how to capture an appeal of the islands in a series of quilts.

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A History in Quilts

The history of the British Isles is a fascinating potpourri of different cultures languages and influences. This exhibition, based on Gail’s beautiful book Glimpses of Britain, brings this history to life in a fascinating series of quilts.

From Ancient…

Ancient ancestors left us giant stone structures. Early Celtic tribes bequeathed us beautiful art. Norse invaders donated gees, surnames, and priceless treasures. Norman conquerors produced the Domesday book and the Bayeux Tapestry.  Medieval craftsmen built spectacular cathedrals. Elizabethan explorers created an empire.

…to Modern

In the 18th century, we kick-started the industrial revolution. In the 19th, we gave the world Jane Austen and in the 20th, we welcomed people from many other nations and became the centre of pop culture.

24 Fascinating Depictions

From Stonehenge to space exploration as well as from Boadicea to the Beatles and tea-drinking to the Tube Map, the 24 quilts in this book celebrate different aspects of life in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales Gail has created 24 spectacular quilts.

Questions Answered

In the book you will find answers to such important questions as:

  • Why do you have to watch out for hippopotami in Leeds?
  • Where in our seas you can find the Blue Men?
  • Who gets the prize for being our worst poet?
  • Why did the Vikings burn their boats?
  • What will global warming really do to our islands?
  • Where did Tess of the d’Urbervilles spend her final night of freedom?
  • What does a leucippotomist do for a living?


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