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Gelli Printing with Stencils from Jamie Malden

Jamie combines her love of block printing with creating an unique background on her fabric.


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Jamie contnues her short series with us on how to create wonderful and unique fabric which you can then use as the basis for your project. Here she uses stencils and recycled pieces of fabric (old sheeting).

So how easy it is?

Step 1: add paint to your gelli plate.
Tip: don’t waste the paint that is on your roller.
Step 2: put stencils in place.
Step 3: rub fabric onto gelli plate to absorb excess paint.
Step 4: remove fabric – put aside for another project.
Step 5: remove stencils and produce ghost print onto fabric.

Add block prints to this gorgeous and unique piece of fabric and see how easy it is to change the colour on your blocks. Also enjoy shadow printing and use some less-than-perfect sections to be creative opportunities!

If you would like to get your hands on some Gelli plates – they are available from Colouricious, click here.

The book is available through us in the website by clicking here.

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