Finishing Your English Paper Pieced Quilt with Nancy Adamek

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Finishing Your English Paper Pieced Quilt with Nancy Adamek

Nancy Adamek shows you how to complete your quilt once you have all the hexagons made.


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Lots of lovely hexagons sewn together, sometimes in strips and sometimes in rosettes and then what? How do you finish the project? What do you do about the borders?

Lots of questions, but in this workshop Nancy gets to give you the answers. Her personal preference is to add a nice border and she shows you how to do this; and then you need to neatly applique the hexagons on to it.

She also gives advice about pinning, tacking and the applique stitch itself.

To learn more about Nancy Adamek, you can enjoy our interview. Short, in this interview Nancy says about herself:

‘I have been a keen Quilter for the last 20 years and had my passion for quilting passed on to me by my mother Lillian Adamek. Lillian was a completely self-taught Quilter who founded the first local quilt group in Hamm (Germany) when I was a teenager in the 80’s. She went on to teach quilt classes at the adult education centre and organised annual quilt shows for many years. She actually got me into quilting by refusing to make me a quilt! And although I was very cross with her initially, I am eternally grateful to her stubbornness today. Once I started sewing my first quilt I never looked back: What a wonderful hobby!’

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