Fast Flying Geese, no waste with Valerie Nesbitt

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Fast Flying Geese, no waste with Valerie Nesbitt

Fast, accurate and best of all, no waste with this method. Valerie covers a variety of size options too.


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Flying geese can be made in a wide variety of ways and, because of the triangles, they can be a little offputting.   However I have found that this is a truely GREAT way of creating the units, quickly, easily, with no waste and 4at-a-time – so really fast.  Anyone who knows me , knows that I like four letter words such as fast and easy!

Great for borders and on their own, flying geese are truely versatile.

Valerie has since used these to great effect in the borders of the Rosebud Fayre quilt – which was made as a series over several weeks – click here for the section on the geese and you get to see the whole quilt in the background- want to know more? click here

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