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Fabric Embellishment with Kate Barlow

Simple embroidery can enhance commercially printed fabric and Kate gives a series of hints and tips.

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Kate loves to use pre-printed fabric designs as her inspiration for her embroidery skills and left over threads.

This is a great idea for those just beginning embroidery. Indeed, some of the fabrics have a cross stitch design printed.

In this lovely workshop Kate shares how you can enhance the simple printed fabric just with simple running stitch or cross stitch. She loves to use cotton perle threads. She also used beads and scraps of gold left over from her goldwork project.

Kate also shows how she has added some text to the open centre of the pre-printed panel. You could take this idea and personalise your item.

Some of the fabric Kate is using was designed by Alison Glass and is called Sunprints and can be found on the Creative Quilting website, as well as the House of Embroidery hand dyed threads.

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