Eco Dyeing with Angela Daymond

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Eco Dyeing with Angela Daymond

See how easy it is to dye fabric using products from the hedgerows or garden.


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Simple dyeing in jars

Angela loves to use items from the garden, the hedgerows and her kitchen to create her lovely hand-dyed fabrics. Madder root, which is used to create a turkey red colour, is her particular favourite.

You will see how easy it is to get the fabric to mellow in simple kilner jars.

About Angela Daymond

Angela runs the Fenland Textile Studios.

Fenland Textile Studio is based at Unique Cottage Studios in Spalding, Lincolnshire. It is owned and run by Angela Daymond, a talented and experienced textile artist and tutor. The workshops at the studio cater for total beginners to more experienced people looking for new challenges and techniques. All workshops are taught in small groups. You can participate in the workshops at the studio or Angela can travel to your group. Talks are also available.

Angela runs Indigo Dyeing workshops from her studio. She has an advert in the classified section of our website, where you can find more details.

For more about Angela visit her own website.

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