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Easy Stack Quilts Preparation with Paula Doyle

Using just four repeats to create quilts, Paula is a believer in good preparation prior to cutting.


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Paula shows us how effective the use of large print fabrics can be to create Kaleidoscope style blocks. Also, she uses just 4 repeats of the fabric to create stunning, but simple to construct blocks.

You get to learn how to spot the repeats, anything from 8″ to 24″, and you will use just to the halfway point across the fabric which makes life easier on the cutting.

Paula takes you through the simple, but important process of pinning and then tacking the layers with Tailor’s tacks, so that the layers lay absolutely precisely above each other, which you can then attack with your rotary cutter.

From the same fabric Paula suggests that you can make the simple 4 patch, and you get to see just how different the same piece of fabric can be just by turning it – and then also the Bright Hope Block and the X-cut block.

You can join Paula on other workshops here on the website – Easy Stack Quilts and More Easy Stack Quilts.

And she is part of a Justhands-on.tv retreat in November in Hampshire, click here for more details.

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