Drawing with Your Sewing Machine with Janet Clare

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Drawing with Your Sewing Machine with Janet Clare

This is a great technique that Janet uses for her books and she shows you how very easy it is.


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Janet loves to create line drawings with her sewing machine. She does this either simply by sewing with thread or by following the edge of a fused applique shape. Her books and patterns are full of inspiration with simple shapes of dogs, cats, birds and flowers.

She talks through the equipment you need to have on your sewing machine.  Then how to go about doing a practice piece.  You shouldn’t be afraid to practice, because you don’t have to show this to anyone and it can go into the bin if necessary!

The quilts in the background are from her book “The Wordsmith” which is available in our website.

If you would like to check out details of her other videos and books – use the quick link Janet Clare.

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