Diamond English Paper Piecing with Nancy Adamek

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Diamond English Paper Piecing with Nancy Adamek

Nancy explains how versatile the diamond shape and style can be in English Paper Piecing.


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Passionate about English Paper Piecing, Nancy guides you through the various angles of the diamond.

No need to panic about maths though, Nancy supplies the accurate di-cut papers that you need. Don’t forget that you can take some of the papers out as you are working, so you don’t have to buy enough for the whole project – they are reusable even in the same project!

In this comprehensive workshop using the 60 degree diamond (you can find it in our website), Nancy shows you how to cut the fabric into strips and then sub-cut with scissors, which makes the project very portable; she shows you how to take the fabric onto the paper, and talks about the needle she likes to use.

Nancy also shows you how to sew the diamonds together, how easy cutting the fabric and how to remove those pesky papers.

And finally Nancy gets you to think about the fact that 3 diamonds make a hexagon. Therein lies a whole other range of possibilities!

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