Corners in the Cabin Patchwork Technique with Valerie Nesbitt

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The addition of simple folded triangles into the corner of your work, give an instant flash of both colour and interest.

Valerie Nesbitt used this technique on both her Log Cabin blocks and Take 9 quilt.

Valerie first shows you her Amish inspired log cabin cushion. Here she added yellow corners.  Then she shows you through a more recent piece of work. This time she uses red as the flash on the blue and white Take 9 quilt.

Valerie decided to use different size triangles so that on the smaller pieces of patchwork of the original wasn’t completely covered by the addition of the red triangle. Once the blocks were made, the project seemed to call out for sashing. This in turn meant that a secondary pattern emerged  at the intersections.

To learn more about the Take Nine pattern – just click here

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