Tess Grace is a block printing tutor who has a passion for pattern, printing, and crafting. Tess’ love for block printing started after a visit to Jaipur where she learned how to print.  She is dedicated to working with children and adults to discover the joy of creating and using a variety of textiles. Tess invites all of you to “come on in and join a whole world of gorgeousness!”

Click here for a short but comprehensive guide from Tess on how to block print onto fabric and/or paper.

Signature Technique:

Block Printing

Tess’ Top Tips:

– Print onto a foam printing matt. You should be able to wiggle your printing block as you press down.
– Always tap paint onto the surface of your printing block, never wipe or squeeze.
– Have a practice print so that you get a feel for the right amount of paint to be used.
– Use sponge dabbers for multi-colour printing. They are much more precise.